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Anonymous: "I've just seen you blood phobia post on the tags and I can totally relate - srys, I want to be a midwife and I have a blood phobia. I currently getting CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which is helping loads. I live in the UK so I get it free from the NHS, I don't know where you live so I don't know if it's the same for where you live. It's difficult overcoming a phobia, but I have every faith that you can."

Well i live in germany and all i know is that these therapies are really expensive. Im trying to get over it and actually force myself to have contact with blood so maybe ill get over it, but i always feel so damn uncomfortable its really annoying
Idk maybe i should look up and find some doctors who can tell me what i should do

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Edits of Marzia’s ‘Dollworld’ video for Anonymous

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prettylikeapoem: "Do you have a twitter?"

Yeah @ItsMichellePie but i dont tweet often haha

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Melix + ‘Flower Language’

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My mum is the cutest person ever she said she didn’t know my favorite youtubers so she just got a YouTube cake :D this is awesome!!


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And if you want to do this but nobody’s tagged you, I officially tag YOU! :)

Fuck yeah got a heart behind my url

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Doll World x

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Doll World

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